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Yokum is a beautiful dog. He likes to be petted & follows me around the house. He is a strong one. He has just been neutered so he has a lot of testosterone. That needs to get worked out. But with all dogs that takes about 30 day (I have been told) for that to run it's course.

Look at that face. What a beautiful boy.

He has a nice copper/red coat.

I think all this dog needs is some love. But look at those beautiful eyes. I just love two tone eyes on a husky.

As you can see he likes his to be touched and scratched. I did find out that he LOVES for me to scratch/rub the bridge of his nose. He liked it so much he had to sit (he was standing), closed his eyes and fell into my hand holding his chin.

Now I don't know his hold story. But I'm guessing that his original main owner was a male. Because I was told that he didn't like crates and it was a challenge to get him in. However I have not had that much of an issue with that. Now granted he is not a Cnha , and all I have to say is " ok, go to your room" & she goes right to her crate and sits and waits for me to get there and close it up. I did have to walk him to it and tell him to get in. With a little pat on the butt he walked right in. And I will say once in there. I kind of forget he is here. Has not cried or fought being in there.

The only thing about him NOW & I believe this will change after he heals from being neutered. Him an Cnha aren't getting along. I think mostly on how they met & from just being tired from the adoption event. Therefore I have to keep them separated.

I do believe he would be a great single dog home. But I am only going on how he is NOW. After the 30 days for the testosterone boost wears off. I think he is going to be a love bug more than he is now.

YouTube Video

Here is a little video of him walking around the yard. As you can see like most male dogs. He likes to mark his spot in the yard. I will say that he has not done that inside the house. Just had to sniff out everything. But what dog doesnt. Lol.


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  1. He was and the sweetest thing also. I wish him all the luck on getting a new family soon. I was told that someone was looking at him and he might go to a new home early this week. I have my fingers crossed for him.


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