Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rockstar Puppy Dog Tags for Dogs Who Stay Active and Stylish

Rockstar Puppy Dog Tags for Dogs Who Stay Active and Stylish: "SUMMER ACTIVITIES ARE ENCOURAGED FOR THE ROCKSTAR PUPPY
By JESSICA CLARK | Published: JULY 15, 2012
CLARKS SUMMIT, PENNSYLVANIA – Whether enjoying time at beaches or parks, family pets can have fun with summer activities, too.

“We want to encourage pet owners to take their dogs along with them for summer outings where they’re allowed,” says Rockstar Puppy owner Jessica Clark. “Your dogs should be able to enjoy some of the same fun you have when they’re able to go with you.”"

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Snow = Happy Sibe Pups

Well we didn't get much but what we got my two had a lot of fun. Cnha Aylin loves the snow. Just seeing her play in it will put a smile on the saddest person. If it is still snowing she will run around the yard trying to catch the snow in her mouth as it is coming down. I have to say she is pretty good at it. The first night is snowed Jax wanted nothing to do with it. However, finally after we got some on the more on the ground. He started to enjoy it more. His favorite thing to do was run & chase his sister through it & open his mouth & scoop it up in full stride.