Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Maycontact UDC/PC today or tomorrow re Maint Facility

Please Share and send email opposing this

From Flyer:


City of Richmond and Maymont Foundation are the applicants.  Some of the adverse impacts of these maintenance, office, and parking facilities would include:

·        Destroying visitor's first view of Maymont down Hampton Street

Hi All,
I would like to recommend that those opposing the proposed Maymont maintenance facility off Hampton Street write a letter or email to the Urban Design Committee (UDC) and Planning Commission SOON to let them know of your opposition.
Only five letters/emails have been received and posted to the UDC site from: Leah Page, Carol Chaffin, Michael Dodson, Jennifer Owen and me.  Don't you think we should be able to get at least 20 more by the time the Planning Commission meets July 6?  The applicants have proposed to continue the agenda item until September, but let the UDC/PC know NOW that you are against it.  Letters received by Wednesday should be posted by the Monday meeting.  Please feel free to forward this email.

Send comments to 
The Urban Design Committee and the Planning Commission
c/o:Jeff.Eastman@richmondgov.com ,
Secretary of the Urban Design Committee
(he is the one who puts it up on the website) 
street address:  
900 E. Broad St., Room 511
RichmondVA, 23219

You can also copy:
Lory.Markam@richmondgov.com  Secretary to the Planning Commission

Reference File # name
UDC 2015-13 - Conceptual Location, Character and Extent Review of a new building for the Horticulture, Maintenance and Public Safety Departments aka "Proposed Maintenance Facility - Hampton Street"

What to say
Even a brief email is better than nothing - there is no reason to over think.   You can look at the agenda item -this link - with opposition letters,  or see some of the points from our flyer below:

Sarah Weisiger
The Woody Pack

B. Christopher Woody
President ~ Friends of Barker Field Dog Park
W/Сина Aylin & Jax P. Vukasian
DDDogwatch - Dashing Dogs Dogwatch
Dashing Dogs Dogwatch - DogVacay

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Jax Pauly Vukasian (Son of Wolf) - Adopted 3 years & is never going anywhere else but by my side

Jax Pauly Vukasian (Son of Wolf)

   Wow, I do not know where to begin. I have been trying to write this on Jax Pauly Vukasian for weeks now. Jax will be 4 years old in Oct 2014 & quite possible the best failure I have ever had. 

Back in 2011, I was fostering for Pet Harbor Rescue.org. On the weekend of May the 4th he became my latest foster child. His sister (PH Olivia) & he were turned in to the shelter and their owner wanted nothing to do with them anymore. From the first time I saw him I fell in love with him & he has been my best friend ever since. My baby girl Cnha Aylin & Jax were and are the best together. Nevertheless, when she, my queen bitch in the house, how never shared her rawhide's with NO ONE. Took the bone she was eating and walk right up to Jax where he was laying. Set the bone down in front of him, barked at him once and walked away. At that point, I knew he was the one I had been looking for. So in June I adopted him and he will always my little man forever & ever in this life and the next. He is my gentle giant; he loves cuddling, long walks, and will talk/howl your ear off for hours. I cannot foster anymore as I use to for a couple of reasons. However, when I did it was the most rewarding feeling. When you foster kid was adopted & you read the letters from their forever home. I am going to include so Pics of him in this email & maybe videos with him. Cnha & Jax have a couple of blogs out there that you are welcome to follow. 

If you just Google Sirhc22, Cnha Aylin or Jax Pauly Vukasian you should find a lot pictures & videos.


But I digress, I can go on & on about how great my Sibe rescue is. However, I will say though is Cnha is the Queen Bitch in the house then he is the perfect prince. He is the most loving, caring, gentlest, loyal dog I have had & if it was not for Sarah for excepting to take him. Even though people thought he was not a dog for PH. My heart would not be complete. If you did not know & you shop online with amazon. Amazon will donate to your favorite charity. All you have to do is just shop amazon at smile.amazon.com and pick a supporting cause. Pet Harbor Rescue & Referral Inc. is on the list. I use it all the time, you just have to remember to type smile before the amazon.com for your charity to attach to your sale for donation.

Well as I promised here are some pictures of my little man:

B. Chris Woody on about.me
B. Chris Woody

This was Jax Pauly Vukasian the first day i brought him home on the weekend of May 4th, 2011

The Woody Pack
Chris, Сина (Thing 1) & Jax (Thing 2)
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