Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Maycontact UDC/PC today or tomorrow re Maint Facility

Please Share and send email opposing this

From Flyer:


City of Richmond and Maymont Foundation are the applicants.  Some of the adverse impacts of these maintenance, office, and parking facilities would include:

·        Destroying visitor's first view of Maymont down Hampton Street

Hi All,
I would like to recommend that those opposing the proposed Maymont maintenance facility off Hampton Street write a letter or email to the Urban Design Committee (UDC) and Planning Commission SOON to let them know of your opposition.
Only five letters/emails have been received and posted to the UDC site from: Leah Page, Carol Chaffin, Michael Dodson, Jennifer Owen and me.  Don't you think we should be able to get at least 20 more by the time the Planning Commission meets July 6?  The applicants have proposed to continue the agenda item until September, but let the UDC/PC know NOW that you are against it.  Letters received by Wednesday should be posted by the Monday meeting.  Please feel free to forward this email.

Send comments to 
The Urban Design Committee and the Planning Commission
c/o:Jeff.Eastman@richmondgov.com ,
Secretary of the Urban Design Committee
(he is the one who puts it up on the website) 
street address:  
900 E. Broad St., Room 511
RichmondVA, 23219

You can also copy:
Lory.Markam@richmondgov.com  Secretary to the Planning Commission

Reference File # name
UDC 2015-13 - Conceptual Location, Character and Extent Review of a new building for the Horticulture, Maintenance and Public Safety Departments aka "Proposed Maintenance Facility - Hampton Street"

What to say
Even a brief email is better than nothing - there is no reason to over think.   You can look at the agenda item -this link - with opposition letters,  or see some of the points from our flyer below:

Sarah Weisiger
The Woody Pack

B. Christopher Woody
President ~ Friends of Barker Field Dog Park
W/Сина Aylin & Jax P. Vukasian
DDDogwatch - Dashing Dogs Dogwatch
Dashing Dogs Dogwatch - DogVacay

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