Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 10, 2011

Well tonight Cnha & I are for to get our 1st. Husky Foster. It should be Marshall. I will update that later. So this whole thing started cause. I was talking to some people who have huskies. In person & on the Forum sites.They were most all in agreement that you should get two so, they will wear each other out mostly. With her turning two this June, I thought that I would get he a friend for her birthday. I mean parents are suppose to get pets for their kids. Right, then the parent takes care of it. Therefor I thought I would foster Siberian Huskies. That what I can help other pups & give my baby girl a friend to play with.

I have decided that she if she picks one (gets along with REALLY well).

I will try to get it for her.

So tonight we will see how it goes. Also it is a project that I get to do with my baby girl & it should make her very happy.


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