Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Сина & shady


So I went for a Sunday drive with сина & we decided to stop by a friends house. I knew she had a baby girl the same age. I'm sorry with huskies I have found. You need to wear them out any chance you get. So we show up and cnha is eager to get out of the car. So we get in side , I was like YES and un hook the leash. Say my hellos put down my crap. I had a drink the rest was Cnha's. Then it hits me. She has cats. I still to this day don't know what she thinks of them. Yea she barks at them. But barking is how the communicate. I have never seen her try bite one. Now she is a sniffer. She has to smell EVERYTHING , however I have also seen her sniff people's food and drink and then walk away. Now if it is left unattended we are talk a whole new list of rules. I digress, so this video is cnha meeting shady. I do need to warn you before you watch this. It can be quite loud , so you might want to get you volume ready. And no animals were harmed in the making of the video. Sorry I always wanted to say that. The cat is declawed. One of the reasons I let this go on & decided to film it. I know I'm a bad dad. Lol

YouTube Video

If cats would stop and chill for a sec. I think she would stop barking. It like she is just yelling at them to shop.


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  1. (pssst...it's Fawn)
    "It like she is just yelling at them to shop."
    So where does Cnha want them to shop at? Petsmart? Petco? :-P


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