Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cnha's in a mood

Cnha was I a mood last night. As you can tell on this video. I am looking forward to Saturday when I go get me new four legged visitor. I am just hoping they get along as well as her and Marshall did. Well enjoy the video.

YouTube Video

Just so you know I was going to take a pic of this. I am glad I took a video instead.


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  1. Who's the new foster your getting on Saturday? Is the new foster coming the cookout? :)

  2. I dont know who it is going to be yet. But i do know it is between 2 dogs. One is Ace or Barrington (Bear).

    There is the link to the Dogs.

    On if they are coming on Saturday. It mainly all depends on their mood & how well they get alone with cnha. I would like to bring them, but i just have to see how they are.



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