Saturday, May 21, 2011

Starting a new adventure.


Well, Cnha and I are heading up to get our new foster dog. She gets to pick either Ace or Buck. They are on the available dog list on the Pet Harbor website. So we will see who come home with us. There was a chance that we were going to get a 9mo pup. However that is not happening now. 8-(. I'm a little sad, because I kind of miss having a puppy in the house. You talk about a chick magnets. Lol for some reason puppies and kittens , bring them out of the woodwork. But we will see which one of the boys take to Cnha.

Last night was awesome. I went to go visit my mom last night in south-side. I had totally forgot that cnha's mom and dad lived around her. Well last night I took Cnha to meet her dad( Tank ) for the first time ever. I have NEVER seen two of the happiest dogs ever. Right of the bat they started playing like they knew each other for years. Tank even let her eat from his food bowl. I did try to take so pictures but it was night and low lighting. I know I will be going back. So I will take some then. Maybe I can tonight. We will see. However I kind of got my question answered. She did recognise family by smell. I was so happy. On a sad note I also learned that Cnha's mom passed away last year. She doing her Husky thing and was running free. She was hit by a car. :-(. Shhh, I did not let Cnha know. I figured she won't know the difference and her actually getting to meet even one of her parents was great.


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