Sunday, September 16, 2012

The calm before the storm

Lol, so just like all kids that you are trying to video. As SOON as the camera comes on they all decide to stop and act like nothing is going on. Well my kids are no different. Lol.
Most people take my dogs playing as fighting. So I was trying to get a normal play time on video. So they were playing so I decided here is my chance. Put my hand in my pocket to get my phone out.... Good they are still playing. Now turn on the video.. Ok there we go. Now click record...

YouTube Video

I know I was there and all I could here was elevator music. So as soon as I turn the camera off.


YouTube Video

I know what you are thinking. Aww is Cnha Aylin foot alright. Yes I checked it all out & she might have stepped on it wrong but as soon as she walked in the house. Wow no more favouring it. Hmmm so it was all part of her act & trust me she will dive in a sec. When she thinks or want to be the Center of the attention. I am talking Emmy award Winning performances.

Well cheers for now,

Sirhc & C-J

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