Thursday, September 13, 2012


Please Help if you can.

IMPORTANT NOTE about Caroline County Animal Shelter
Important Note
Yesterday we put out a plea for foster homes so that we could help our friends at the Caroline County Animal Shelter.  With limited resources and staff, the shelter was facing a crisis because one of their employees is going to be out on temporary medical leave. The folks at Caroline County work closely with local rescues, including RAL, to save as many lives as possible. As their friends, we wanted to help in whatever way we could.  YOU RESPONDED with offers to open your homes as fosters, donate funds to help cover boarding if necessary, and help with adoptions.  We can not thank you enough.

Unfortunately, it seems as if a large number of people now believe that Caroline County is closing their shelter.  This is NOT the case.  They are open now, and will remain open.  The shelter was full, with many runs having two or three or dogs, and they needed to clear the space.  That will happen--because of you.

The county's 911 dispatch has been inundated with phone calls regarding the "closing" of the shelter.  Please know that the shelter is NOT closing, and they will continue to do the best they can with limited resources.

We are thrilled to be able to assist Caroline County at this time.  Thank you for all that you allow us to do.



Amy D McCracken
Executive Director
Richmond Animal League
Richmond Animal League
11401 International Drive
Richmond, Virginia 23236

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