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4) I sniff out Oliva in Flirting
Named for a 9/11 Victim:I am named for Greg Joseph Buck.
History:Was sentenced to jail (dog pound) for having committed the crime of running at large. Nobody claimed me. When I lande

Breed:Siberian HuskySex:Male/NeuteredAge:YoungAdult
Date Listed:5/18/2011Tracking Number:Buck
Birthday (approx.):May 18, 2009
What am I?Neutered male Siberian Husky
Colors:Black & white, brown eyes
Weight:53 pounds (as of 5/16/11)
Children Housemates:Great
Feline Housemates:No!
Canine Housemates:Great with females. I do tend to challenge some males.
Energy Level:High
Owner Aptitude Level:Young Siberian experience preferred
Dream Home Minimum Requirements:Buck? Not sure why they named me Buck. I do not thrash about. I am worth more than a dollar. And I don't wear antlers. I'm more like a puppy. I am 100% Siberian Husky. If you don't believe me, watch me escape. I ride in cars very well. I'm gentle & easy. I know basic commands. No Siberian listens to commands 100% of the time. I'm no exception. When my transporter stopped the car & opened the door, I leaped over him to escape. I tried to escape the fence at the shelter. I escaped somewhere to land there in the first place. So a watchful eye is a good thing! The way to my heart is through a tennis ball. Though I'm not good with kitties, I love other dogs. I'm very playful with children, adults, dogs, and tennis balls. Do you have some or all of the above? If so, let's roll!
Movies:1) Another dog and me in Please Play With Me!
2) I go 40 rounds with a tennis ball in I Win!
3) More playtime in Have Your Way With Me!

d in the jail, I was wearing a harness.

Current Guardian:Pet Harbor Rescue & Referral, Inc.Phone:703-583-HSKYState:VA

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