Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Ok below is a blog I started on Aug 27th the day that Irene decided to throw a tantrum all up the east coast states. I had planned on blogging through the whole storm. However she decided that Us humans were too damn bright. That she turned off our power. I am happy to say that everyone I know & love made it through the storm. Some of us had an impromptu camping trip. Some a lot longer than others, but all still had our lives & the roof over our heads. Well enjoy the read.

Well it is 6pm not here in Olde VA. The wind is howling around the house. Around 1pm the power flickered off & on, then at 5 it just went out. Of course the pups want to go out side and play in this mess. I normally would let them run around a little in the fenced in back yard. However i am worried that this tree in my next-door neighbor is going to come crashing down. It's an old tree that looks pretty weak. The way the wind is blowing my backyard and house or in it's path. Around 1 there was a tree two houses over that went down. It landed in the backyard of my next-door neighbors yard. It took down a bunch of cables & landed on their house. It also happens to be the yard with the tree that I'm worried about. I don't want the tree to cone down on the pups or break the fence and let the kids in the yard with the down cables. So we are just sitting (all 3 of us) watching the storm out the front window.

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