Monday, July 18, 2011

J.P.Vuk is the coolest Sibe in the world (Mine that is)

So in my haste this morning. I must have not locked jp's crate all the way. Because when I stopped by for lunch to let them out. He met me at the front door. My first reaction was, Great what mess did you leave me today to clean up. Is it going to be waste or did you rip something up. Well the queen was still locked in her chambers. So I went to get her and let them out back. Dreading the walk through the house on what I might find. But as I was walking & checking out the house. I could not find anything. You talk about being in total shock, but he was great I. The house with out supervision, however I know that I just lucked out this time. But still I am happy as snow. That my boy is the coolest. Now сина was not happy when I got there. I know that JP taunted her while she was in the crate.

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